Rooftop Guard 


RoofTopGuard II is the high-tech, high-performance new generation of roof underlayment. Its 5-layer polypropylene/polyethylene construction results in high strength, low weight, unmatched tear resistance and long life that simply blows away the competition. 

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RooftopGuard II is the newest technology in high performance roofing underlayment.  Recommended for use in place of standard underlayments such as 15 and 30 pound felt, RoofTopGuard II blows away the competition when it comes to performance and installer-friendliness.

  • 5-layer construction

  • Guaranteed waterproof

  • Installs 30% faster than the competition's equivalent underlayment

  • Hurricane Proven: will not tear or rip in high winds

  • 100% impervious to insects, vermin, mold, rot and the elements

  • Low-weight

  • Suitable for use under all roofing material

  • Can be left exposed to the elements for up to 6 months without degradation

  • Exclusive FIBER-GRIP slip-resistant surface

  • 50 year limited warranty

Safer, Stronger, Simply Superior

Hurricane Proven
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