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3M Air & Vapor Barriers

3M Product Info

Air barriers are essential elements of new building construction. Depending on their material characteristics, air barriers can control or block the passage of water vapor.  Uncontrolled flow of air and moisture can harm the long term performance and durability of building materials, decrease indoor air quality, lower energy effieciency and affect the health of your building and its occupants.  3M products use the most advanced air barrier technologies available.

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Maximizing Building Efficiency.

Protecting buildings with a continuous 3M Air Barrier System provides a wide range of positive benefits, including:

  • Better indoor air quality

  • Reduced construction and operating costs of your HVAC by enable smaller, more efficient equipment

  • Less rish of mold and mildew

  • Happier, healthier residents

  • Extended service life and durability of your building

  • Energy savings through the reduction of unintended air movement

Air/Vapor Barrier 3015 NP

A self-adhered film engineered to help control the indoor climate. 

Air Barrier 3015 VP

Engineered to make application simple and fast. As effective as traditional membrane-type barriers.

Product Information
black tape.png
Through Wall Flashing Tape

Help reduce labor cost by up to 20%. Hot and cold temperature application. No primer required.

Better Building Efficiency
  • Extremely flexible tape stretches horizontally and vertically and conforms around corners

  • Designed to work with both permeable and non-permeable wall systems

  • Tough tape for demanding applications

  • No primer required

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