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Hanover Architectural Products


Hanover® Architectural Products has been providing quality concrete unit paving products to architects and designers since 1971. Our company is constantly striving to manufacture innovative types of pavers utilizing unique shapes, aggregate or color blends, and surface textures. In addition to manufacturing concrete and asphalt, we supply granite and porcelain pavers that are fabricated to the highest standards. Possibilities are endless as custom color and aggregate blending has become Hanover’s trademark. 

We are representatives for Hanover® in New England & parts of Eastern New York. Contact us directly for an expedited response

3800+ Custom Colors

With innovative new products for use in a variety of architectural spaces, Hanover® has earned a reputation of leadership within the industry. In order to guarantee the integrity of the design from start to finish, we have a long standing reputation of product consistency, exceptional performance and first-rate service.  Applications include:

  • On Grade

  • Roof/Plaza Decks

  • Garden and Landscape Walls

  • Exterior Walls

Porcelain Pavers
Plaza Pavers
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Granite Pavers
Roof Pedestal Systems
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Vertical Walling Units
Product Information
Hanover Product Info
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