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Cladiator Cladding Solutions


CLADIATOR® manufactures thermally broken cladding support systems that keep sustainability & design flexibility at the forefront.  Our products are universal solutions that help build energy-efficient buildings & structures. Providing industry professionals with the best possible long-term thermal performance and ease-of-mind installation methods.

We are representatives for Cladiator in New England & parts of Eastern New York. Contact us directly for an expedited response

Simple. Smart. Limitless.

Our mission is to accelerate the advancement of smart building design & construction by providing unique and cleverly engineered systems.

For Installers, working with intuitive installation components means a safer, faster and more cost-effective option to complete projects on time. For Architects & Engineers it means a simple yet robust solution where one core design offers the freedom of limitless creativity.

This “smart-track” system also offers improved thermal efficiencies for rainscreen/continuous insulation applications and advanced structural support using long-lasting globally responsible materials. We remain dedicated and driven by our commitment to continuous improvement.




Cladiator Product Info
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Adjustable. Engineered. Thermally Efficient.


The CL-300 System accommodates continuous insulation applications while simultaneously achieving true rainscreen principles. Our system offers an adjustable approach to all types of   cladding materials.

  • Thermally isolated

  • Level and plumb

  • Finishing accessories

  • Integrates with all cladding materials


Simple. Secure. Slotted...


The Slotted-Z is a Fiberglass Z-Girt that accommodates continuous insulation applications while achieving true rainscreen principles. Our RocketStick® provides securement means for any/all types of insulation.

  • Air and moisture ventilation

  • Increases thermal performance


Product Information
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