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A technological advance that changes the paradigm

WaterGrip is a patented, breakthrough growing technology that delivers outstanding growing results while enabling enhanced water management and reduced overall water usage.  Lightweight and easy to handle, WaterGrip can hold 8x its weight in water, while also providing roots with the air and nutrients they need.  Enjoy lush vertical and horizontal plantings with less water, labor and maintenance.

We are representatives for WaterGrip in New England & parts of Eastern New York. Contact us directly for an expedited response

  • Reduces energy consumption (insulates)

  • Improves air quality, reducing dirt particles and carbon

  • Releases water vapor, increasing humidity and moisture - evaporation cools the air

  • Supplies oxygen to the atmosphere and reduces noise

  • Delays, reduces and filters storm water run-off

  • Improves the aesthetics of the area

  • Increases expected life of the roof

  • Reduces HVAC equipment repair/service costs (machinery runs cooler) Improves solar installation performance (reduces temperature)

  •  Ideal for retrofits or new construction - works on flat or sloped roofs

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Growing More With Less

WaterGrip Growing Media is a stabilized, sponge-like, porous, hydrophilic matrix with superior water, air and nutrient holding capacity. WaterGrip Growing Media is offered in lightweight, easy-to-handle, formed shapes called “Brownies”

WaterGrip Product Info
Product Information
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