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ISE Logik Industries is a specialty chemicals company that manufacturers and distributes the best in class concrete moisture vapor reduction admixture (MVRA) directly to the ready mix industry. ISE Logik Industries MVRA 900 permits architects and engineers to address in the design phase at a fraction of the cost in time and money.

We are representatives for ISE Logik in New England & parts of Eastern New York. Contact us directly for an expedited response

ISE Logik Industries MVRA 900, a Certified ASTM C494 Type S Admixture, is formulated to react with the hydroxide ions produced by the cement hydration process. In doing so, this creates additional hydration products within the capillary pores and blocks them, effectively shutting down moisture vapor movement through the concrete. 

Manufactured with deionized water to remove trace mineral ions and containing no chloride based materials, our products will not promote nor contribute to corrosion of embedded or reinforcing steel. 

  • Slabs to receive moisture sensitive flooring and structural concrete roof decks

  • Elevator pits and retaining walls

  • Water retaining structures such as swimming pools and cisterns

  • Tunnels and other underground structures

  • Civil engineering projects of any magnitude (i.e., secant piles, roadways, dams, bridges)​


Each manufactured lot of our products is produced under some of the most exacting chemical manufacturing processes available, using only deionized water as its base ingredient. Deionized water guarantees that all steps to prevent the unwanted introduction of chloride and sulfate into the concrete batching sequence are being taken. Further, ISE Logik Industries MVRA 900 is the only product that independently performance tests in hardened concrete each and every manufactured lot against the following standards, prior to shipment.

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