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Complete Roofscape System

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Roofscape Solutions for all your green roof and plaza deck needs.

At Seacoast Building Solutions, we've partnered with top brands to provide a full scale Roofscape Solution, from insulation and water management, to plaza decking and green roofs.  Whether for roof applications, terraces and balconies, Roofscape Solutions by Seacoast has you covered. 

Best-in-Class Components

We've sourced the best brands for each component of our complete Roofscape Solution.

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KEMPER The world leader and innovator of the highest quality, cold liquid-applied, fully reinforced waterproofing and roofing membrane systems.


KINGSPAN OPTIM-R next generation insulation with up to 5x better thermal efficiency with minimal thickness.  Perfect for applications where a lack of construction space or depth is an issue.


WATERGRIP  a patented, breakthrough growing technology that delivers outstanding growing results while enabling enhanced water management and reduced overall water usage.


WESTILE Plaza pavers are elevated on high density polypropylene pedestals, which provide uniform spacing, drainage and can achieve a dead level installation if desired. 

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