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Protecto Wrap


Protecto Wrap Company has been manufacturing waterproofing membranes since 1952 and has built a sound reputation for producing some of the highest quality waterproofing systems available.

We are representatives for Protecto Wrap in New England & parts of Eastern New York. Contact us directly for an expedited response

  • Foundations/Decks

  • Window and Door Flashings

  • Roofing Underlayments

  • Flooring Underlayments

  • Energy Systems

Our products meet or exceed the design requirements and specifications for a variety of applications. Protecto Wrap offers design consultation and field technical support for all product lines, which include residential and commercial waterproofing membranes on:

Premium Building Products

Building Tapes & Flashing Solutions
Roofing Solutions
Energy Saving Products
Below Grade & Building Envelope
Primers & Sealants
Protecto Wrap Product Info
Product Information
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