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Cinder Wood Siding & Cladding


Cinder Wood Products offers a modern reinvigoration of the Yakisugi method - an ancient Japanese technique

of charring the surface of wood to provide a long-lasting and beautifully striking charred wood finish.  The charred wood effect adds a unique dynamic texture to the surface of the wood, while the burning method preserves and weatherproofs the wood, resulting in a product perfect for both exterior and interior applications.

We are representatives for Cinder Wood Products  in New England & parts of Eastern New York. Contact us directly for an expedited response

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Cinder’s line of Shou Sugi Ban modified wood cladding utilizes the ancient Japanese techniques of burning and brushing lumber to provide a a striking wood cladding product. Popular use of our panelling includes application as an interior accent wall, flooring, or ceiling cladding, all of which add character, texture, and depth to any interior space.

Cinder Wood Product Info


Trial, training, and time have all lead to this. Sharp and efficient, Cinder Wood Products' modern reconception of Shou Sugi Ban brings bewitching beauty back to the exterior siding market. Using a range of high quality wood best suited for Shou Sugi Ban exterior projects including Western Red Cedar, Accoya, Red Oak, Douglas Fir and Cypress

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Beyond Siding

Cinder Wood Products is where artisan design and rustic sophistication meet with mass production capabilities:

  • Able to char material as large as 18” wide by 18” high, with nearly limitless lengths

  • Capable of producing thousands of board feet per day

  • Expertly finished and packaged for delivery

  • Simple Installation

  • No project too large or small

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