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Introducing AirOutshield™
Industry Leading Underlayment Technologies

AirOutshield™ Roof 

AirOutshield™ UV

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Mechanically Fastened Roof Membrane


Breathable Roofing underlayment that can be used on all steep slope roofing material, with the exception of asphalt shingles.

  • Roll: 59” W x 164’ L

  • Color: Black

  • High Temp

  • 119 Perms

Mechanically Fastened UV Coated for Open Joint Claddings 

Breathable UV coated for open joint cladding systems.  Post-Cladding installation, UV exposure rating is double of ASTM standards.  Use with all Open Joint Claddings.

  • Roll: 59”W x 164’L

  • Color: Black

  • High Temp

  • 27 perms

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